Session Info

Here you will find the answers to all your questions in regards to your session!

Q: How much?

A: Please check the Services Tab on my home page. Booking and deposit information is also there.

Q: How far out are you booking?

A: At the moment i am booked 1- 1-1/2 month’s out. If you have a last minute session you would like, send me an e-mail and i will let you know if i can accomodate your request.

Q: How long does my session run?

A: It all depends on the seession you choose. Mini’s run for 30 minutes, Full sessions run for 1-1/2 hours and a newborn session runs up to 2 hours.  My clock starts ticking the momemt i snap the first picture. Yes, my sessions run on a timer and you must be on time too.

Q: How many pictures do i get and how long before i have them?

A: I only provide 12 pictures for mini sessions and 30 for full and newborn sessions.  Your pictures are usually ready in a week, if i am currently busy with a lot of work you can expect for your pictures to be ready max two weeks.

Q: How do i get my pictures?

A: I provide you with a CD with all your images with a print release. Once you proof all your images i mail you a packaged CD to the address provided.

Q: What is a print release?

A: Print release is my permission for you to print unlimited pictures on your CD. You do not own my images, you must not crop, color correct or make any changes to my images. This also means you may not enter any contest or publish my images without my permission. If you would like to own certain images, please send me a message and i can price your copyrights.

Q: Where do the session take place?

A: Upon booking we will discuss where you would like the session to take place and i price your session. I do travel for an additional rate. All prices you see on my booking section are flat prices for parks and locations around my area (HWY 6 & I10). I do all my photography outdoors, newborn sessions are the only exception.

Q: Do you offer prints?

A: I do not offer prints at the moment but if you are intrested on professional prints i can price them for you.

Q: Where do you recommend i print my photos?

A: Please print my pictures from,  and do not color correct. Please do not print from walgreens, cvs or other chain stores. Their machines do not recognize proffesional edits and you can end up with pretty ugly prints.


Q: When do i book my newborn session?

A: Contact me a few weeks before hand so i can pencil you in around your due date. Babies are so unpredictable so i always accomodate for these sessions. Send me an e-mail or a text message when you are at the hospital so we can book you within the first 7-10 days after birth.

Q: Do you come to my house for newborn sessions?

A: Yes

Q: Why are newborn sessions so expensive?

A: Session tends to be longer, i accomodate my time around your schedule, i provide props and editing and talent is more extensive.

Q: When do i book my maternity session?

A: 28 Weeks if you have a big belly, 30 weeks average.

Q: Do you provide a belly to baby package?

A: I can, send me a message for pricing.


UPDATED: August 9, 2013


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