Eva Anahi ~ Houston Newborn Photographer ~

I had a great learning experience photographing my new niece Eva. Her mom warned me that she is awake most of the time so i knew i was in for an experience. I wanted to try so many things but since she is going to be 3 weeks old she was very alert and quiet a wiggle worm. We tried feeding her so she would fall asleep and that did not work…we rocked her, sang, we left her alone…nothing worked. I managed to pull a few pictures of her that i love so much. She is a beauty… with huge beautiful black eyes!

I made her cute little headbands. They are so simple to make! All you need is creativity, elastic, felt, a glue gun, flowers, pearls or anything you wish to use. First i measured the babies head to know how much elastic to cut. I glue both ends of the elastic to a piece of felt. I then add another piece of felt to cover the ends that meet. Then it is all up to you on what you want to place on the top of the felt.

So here is my cute little Eva modeling my new headbands 🙂

my mother in law made this cute hat per my request 🙂

This headband was made from an old t-shirt. I just added the pearls and crystals.

I love this picture of Eva and her mom…you can see her maternity pictures here.


Baby Girl Headband DIY

I have been preparing for # 3’s arrival and baby pictures….so here is some of the work my mother-in-law and I have been putting together the past couple of weeks. She has done all the knitting and I just requested what I envisioned. The DIY is super easy! all you need is 1-1/8″ elastic and I found this at Hobby Lobby. I also got some cream color felt to add in the back for extra softness. Most of the flowers were bough premade at Hobby Lobby and Michaels. There is a ton of tutorials on Pinterest!

I made this headband using this knitted flower from a top I no longer use!

My mother-in-law knitted this flower and I glued this cute pin in the middle!

All I had to do with these was glue them together! Got a pack of 6 from Hobby Lobby!

** Sorry for the poor picture quality! #2 was winning and crying on my lap…hehe!

Baby Shower Invitations DIY

For my baby shower my mom hosted she told me all I was in charge of was making the invitations. So since we are finally having a girl all she wanted to see was PINK! so I came up with these cute little simple-to-the-point invitations. I loved the ribbon and twine mix I created to tie up bottom and top layers of paper. They are so easy to make! just come up with a template in WORD and copy it 4 times, print it on the clear paper and cut it in 4’s. Use a hole puncher to make the holes at the top and cut pieces of ribbon and twine and make a cute bow! That’s it!

Note:All supplies used for the invitations were purchased at Hobby Lobby and Michaels.